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Chimney Sweeping 

Now offering HETAS certified chimney sweeping.

"Lovely chap, he did a really thorough job. Our stove is now drawing much better." - Steph, Whissendine

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Why do I need to have my chimney swept?


  • A blocked chimney can cause chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Birds often like to nest in chimneys which blocks them and makes them unsafe to use. Please let us know if you think you may have birds nesting in your chimney as removing bird's nests is a much bigger job than a standard sweep.

  • HETAS encourages having your chimney swept at least twice a year when burning wood and at least once a year when burning smokeless fuels. It can also depend on how much the appliance is used.

  • The best time to have your chimney swept is just before the heating season or after your stove has not been used for a prolonged period. If sweeping twice a year, the second time should be after the peak of the heating season.

What happens at my appointment?

  • A standard sweep will take approximately 30 minutes. This is assuming that there are no blockages, bird nests or other issues.


  • We ask that you have a clear area in front of the fire to make room for us and our equipment, about 2 square metres is ideal. We also prefer that the grate or stove is clear from ash before we come. The fire must not have been lit in the previous 12 hours prior to the appointment. 

  • We will use sheets and specialist equipment over and around the fireplace or stove to protect the room but if there is anything delicate or any soft furnishings close by we will ask you to move or cover them. 

  • We will require access to electricity to plug in our commercial vacuum cleaner. 

  • We will then use our brushes, rods, vacuum and rotary sweeping systems to clean your flue.

  • We will leave the fireplace clear and clean and we will provide you with a certificate showing that your chimney has been swept and as much debris and/or soot has been removed as possible.

How much does it cost?

  • Our standard sweeps start from £55. Please contact us for a quote specific to your job (don't forget to mention any specific details, e.g. large chimney, possible bird nest, long time since last sweep etc.:

Chimney Cleaning

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Full terms and conditions are available to download here:


  • When we issue a sweeping certificate, we fill out your personal information, this is used only as a record of the sweep. We will not exchange any personal information with any other third party. 

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